Vampires vs. Zombies – Do You Know The Difference?

Last night I watched the movie “Vampires” by John Carpenter. This movie was released back in 1998 and I can’t believe I’m just now seeing it for the first time. I loved it! It got me thinking about vampires and zombies. Do you know the difference between the two? I just learned this today. They are both part of the “undead” category of creatures; however, there are some distinct differences.

Vampires are usually very smart and cunning (except if they are on Twilight), whereas zombies are about as intelligent as my son’s pet hermit crab. The only thing zombies need to stay alive is flesh. Vampires, on the other hand, need fresh blood to survive as opposed to eating the body whole.

Zombies walk really slow, many times dragging their legs like a teenager on a Saturday morning at 8am. Vampires are quick and gracefully, sneaking around mysteriously. Vampires are also immortal, but zombies are revived from the dead, which is why the zombie body looks all nasty and decayed. Since neither exists, this is all in good fun, but if I had to choose which one I liked better, I would definitely choose zombies because vampires seem demon-like to me. Although I’ve seen some vampires in movies that actually look kind of sexy, overall, vampires are way too creepy; I’d take a zombie over a vampire any day of the week.

I found some fun zombie pictures for you below. I would like to dedicate these pictures to my Twitter friend @megAlone who loves zombies! The makeup and photography here is really creative, I hope you like it. I also included the best zombie filled music video of all time at the bottom. Enjoy!

Thanks for the pictures!