How To: Tell If Someone Is A Vampire

October 22, 2010 1:00 am Published by 31 Comments

I admit, I’m a little fascinated with the whole concept of vampires. There is just something so bizarrely scary, sexy and mystical about it all. Some people get vampires and zombies confused, but they are very different. You can read about that here.  Did you know that there are vampire-killing kits? It seems like all throughout the ages there has been an obsession with vampires.

Until recently, I never wondered though how to spot a vampire. I mean, would you know if you saw one? Do they actually exist? Of course not, right? Or do they? According to some websites, a vampire is simply a person that has a disease called Vampirism. They drink shots of blood and are light sensitive. Of course, some people call Vampirism a form of psychosis. :)

I live in Atlanta, and the other day Richard told me that the largest organization for people who “believe” they are vampires is right here in my own city. So now I’m wondering, how would I spot a vampire here in Atlanta? Would I know it if I saw one? If you were born on a Saturday, you should have no problem spotting a vampire. Legend has it that people born on that day know if someone is a vampire by just looking at them.  Gee, that must be nice.  I think I was born on a random Tuesday dannnngit.

If you think you might be a vampire, you can go to this website to determine whether or not you really are one. For the rest of us, I have found some ways that we can spot one. Here is the short list, illustrated in pictures. Hopefully these might save you from getting your neck bitten one day. Thank you to the brilliant minds at Evil Slutopia for putting these together.

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  • Maddy says:

    my friend has two really sharp teeth coming through piercing her gums and her eyes are yellow and when it is summer we always have to go to the library in school because apparently she hurts when she goes outside and burns do u have any information about this?

  • moilly says:

    this gril in my class knows if your looking at her at any time.

  • i think i a vampire i have evidence just add me in facebook if you want to see the pictures here’s the e-mail

  • vamp teens says:

    i think that i am a vamp one time it was 112 degrese out side and i felt my face and it was really cold and i have really sharp teeth and i am pale and i hate going out side but i was helping my little sisters church on a fieldtrip

  • jaylyn says:

    i had a slepp over with this garl and it was rian and we the sun came out and she ran up to my houes and she stared growing fan and she was every whit and she had cary eyes and she aways were black

  • Yav says:

    I have dark brown eyes but a very noticable black around my iris and a super light brown around my pupils and sunlight burns. I have one fang on the right at the bottom in my mouth. I can feel when people look at me or are next to me. I don’t sleep at all, i am a loner, and i can tell when people think bad things about me. My electronics usually hate me. I don’t drink blood though.

  • bella says:

    im not sure…. but i think my crush that i like and not might be one he has brown eyes then glass blue knows if i stare not really tan runs fast show me his fangs. kik me if anyone knows? xPrincessOfColorsX

  • bella says:

    o i forgot to mention he sparkles to when hes outside

  • BLOODVAMP says:

    I A V

  • BLOOD VAMP says:


  • cluck cantere says:

    My friend says hes a vampire, I thoght it was a game till I read this! ( I have bad spelling, sorry!)

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s easy to spot one if you are one. But if you never craved like than your in a fantasy world wishing you were like us. For those expecting to find my kind, don’t. We keep to ourselves and don’t dare look for unwanted attention. Think about it this way. People can know that we exist but no one can ever see us And those that do meet an unfortunate fate.

  • leah says:

    Um this new guy I met has a lot of weird characteristics that make me think he is a vampire. But we started dating a week ago , and the the other day i woke up with these strange bite marks and since then I’ve been having mood swings , my teeth have become so sharp i can hardly close my mouth without cutting my inner lip , before i was really slow and now I’m suddenly really fast , I did kickboxing and nearly always lost but after those marks appeared I had a fight and fractured someone’s rib . If anyone knows what is going on please reply . I don’t know what’s going on .

    • christine says:

      then it has to be the guy you dated.he might have possibly bitten you while you were asleep.well you vampires are becoming extinct by now so they need more members and they bit people for reasons

  • Amanda says:

    R use all nuts r what haha yous hav been watching to many vampire films haha if ther was vampires in this world they wudnt be broadcasting it

  • Isabella says:

    My story is similar to Leah’s . I like this guy and we’ve been hanging out for a couple weeks and the other day I woke with a pain in neck and I went and looked in the mirror and saw strange marks . If anyone knows what’s going on please tell me . I’m really worried because I used to not run fast and be really tan and now I run fast and am pale white and my skin is always cold

  • tio says:

    Well I’m awfully pale, burn really easily, always cold or get a cold shiver down my spine and if I’m angry or stare at something for a long time my eyes go black!

  • MANSHI says:


  • Hachimitsu says:

    There is this girl in my class with noticable fangs she hates the sunlight and temperatures above twenty she is super fast and really strong and knows when someone looking at her she has brown eyes but if you look closely there is a strange greenish tint around the iris and she controls peoples emotions really well is she a vampire?

  • Dani says:

    I have blue eyes and if you look closely I have bright yellow around my pupils and i hate the sun and outside I always have a hood and sunglasses every time I go outside at school because any bright light hurts my eyes like crazy and its the same for my sister and me and her are faster than anyone at our school is this normal for a vamp or what. If it is normal for a vamp please reply

  • Mandy cooney says:

    There is this branch my friend could not brack it but I did and I got a smell of blood after that and I’m really fast and my friend said oh my gosh you have bangs she said they are facke rant they and I said no they are my real teeth oh and I beat up boy I mack theme cry I’m so stroge

  • briana says:

    My situation is like most of yours i woke up with a bite mark on me in april but only one bump now im kinda pale kinda tanish im faster and stronger than i used to be i dont know whats happening i belive im half vampire im faster and stronger and my face and legs gat burned easily in the sun

  • christine says:

    wait almost all of you all said youre faster,stronger,your eyes change color,and most of all youre all pail skinned.but i did not hear from either one of you all that you feel like youre craving for human blood.then that means you all are not really vampires

  • Jennifer Jackson says:

    I’m no vampire and I won’t never claim to be one….people I talk to…..I don’t tell other people. Sure I would like to run faster, but that will come in time. Vampires don’t let people know who they are….there private people. They trust nobody. someone like me that would know if I ever met one would be very strange for them…..well if they were real that is….

  • someone says:

    Vampires aren’t real there a myth. just like ghosts and demands. witches all of them are fake so quite filling little kids minds with a bunch of crap. Ps. not to metion but also the “clowns” in new jersey really people this is what scary stories are making us do and people are wanting revenge and taking what they’ve seen in movies to real life, so do the world a favor and keep things to yourself!!

  • vampiregalxoxo says:

    I LUV bloud
    i have pal skan
    am i vamp
    no just preferencw

  • victor says:

    if I am a vampire how do make sure I don’t have their anything I can wear to prevent it.

  • Britt says:

    Do all of you really think that vampires exist? Never saw one here. I live in the Netherlands and I am just so in love with all those vampire series. I really wish they would exist, because not all vampires are bad, aren’t they?

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