Comparison – Arizer Solo vs Air Vaporizers

If you are a portable vaporizer collector for quite some time already, it’s safe to say that you are already familiar to Arizer. Arizer is one of the best and high-quality vaporizer manufacturers today, and you might have already heard of their products Arizer Solo and Arizer Air vaporizer. Familiar with it or not, here are the things you need to know why you need to add these to your collection; but the real question is which of these 2? Arizer Air or Arizer Solo? Check this to find out.

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What Is Arizer Air And Arizer Solo?

They are both portable Arizer handheld vaporizers in which it both uses a rechargeable Li-On battery. A feature of this is a glass vapor pathway that measures a standard 14 mm. glass stem and a ceramic heating element, along with those features is a LED screen, a system in which it lets you control the temperature settings. In addition, Arizer Air vaporizer and Solo vaporizer gives the user a customizable feature because of the very wide range of its parts and accessories.

Aside from those features, Arizer had given these two devices together with a very significant feature. First one is the ability to let the user use the device even when it’s charging. Second, after 10-12 minutes that they’re powered on, the device automatically shuts down to conserve its battery life.

Enough with all their similarities, they might have a few ones, but they have more key differences. These differences might confuse you which one is better, but no worries, because we have compiled the aspects that you’ll need to know when it comes to comparing two amazing vaporizers such as these two!

Which One Has A Better Battery Life?

Winner: Arizer Solo – As you can see, the Arizer Solo has already a pretty decent battery capacity. It already has a great 1.5 hr battery span when it’s fully charged. It’s already not bad for a portable vaporizer, plus it also lessens your charging time to further enjoy your device.

The Air was near to perfection, but it lacked on this part. As it decreased its size, it also decreased in the battery capacity. So you will probably need an extra battery to finish all your big group sessions. So we consider this round to belong to the solo.

Which Has Better Vapor Quality?

Winner: Arizer Solo – Lots of people already know that the Arizer Solo has a very good reputation in terms of the amazing vapor quality, pure flavor, and a managed airflow. The heating chamber is also a stainless steel for the Arizer Air. It is not aggressive and easier for draws and smooth airflow. So this round goes to Arizer Solo, with its longer vapor path you get cooler clouds, and can then take larger draws, enabling you to get the most of the taste.

Which One Has Better Manufacturing Quality

Winner: Arizer Air – Arizer Solo is already a product designed to endure and take some bumps. With its aluminum shell, that device is really durable, hard, and powerful object. You can say for real that the Arizer really did think it through. The Arizer Solo seems to be like the go-to vape in terms of the quality and sturdiness of the material. But you all need to know that it doesn’t end there

On the other hand, that doesn’t make the Air the loser of this round. In terms of the structure and its machine, Arizer Air was built in a way that is fit together perfectly while the unit is also is sturdy and strong. Now, it may be different in a way that the Solo has an Aluminum shell while the Air doesn’t have. Arizer found a way to manufacture this product in a lighter and smaller measurement without even sacrificing the durability of this device. This round still goes to Arizer Air

Which One Is More Portable?

Winner: Arizer Air – Without a doubt, Arizer Solo is a great portable vaporizer, but it has one downside where it just doesn’t fit to be called as portable. The Solo is quite too heavy which makes it a bit hard to just carry it around. Its glass mouthpieces are a bit fragile and might easily break. A solution to that is to use the Zeus Armor Hard Case to carry the unit easily, but that just shows that the Solo isn’t the most portable and excellent vaporizer in itself compared to other vaporizers in the market.

Meanwhile, the Arizer Air has a plastic body that makes the device very light for the user to carry it around even for the longest time. Other than that, it’s small size makes it possible for the users to slip it into their pockets to take them even when they’re on-the-go. The glass pieces are still quite a problem, but the device comes along with a carrying holster that could be strapped to the belt or pants and has a space for both the unit and the glass stems. With that, it’s very easy to say that the Arizer Air takes again this round.

Which One Is Easier To Use?

Winner: Arizer Air – For those who know Arizer Solo, they might agree that the Solo is a very easy to use the unit. You just have the buttons for manipulating the temperature, and you also have the on and off button. The only issue of this unit is when it comes to loading and unloading the device, but that actually isn’t much of an issue.

Surprisingly, the Arizer Air still found a way to make things easier. Yes, the Solo was very easy and simple to use, but the Air made it even easier and simpler! Arizer Air merged the all the buttons into just one place, which lets you control the unit without even moving your fingers that much. In addition, Arizer Air also has 1-2 min heat up time, so it’s both easy and quick to use!

The Winner Of The Showdown

No explanations needed. The newcomer and younger Arizer Air won this showdown, comfortably. It was very clear that the Arizer Air was better in almost every aspect like heat up time, and on most features, which appeals to the modern vape user, the smaller size just enables it to be a true on the go vape. It just shows that the Arizer produced another high-quality product in Arizer Air, and Arizer Solo needs to be updated and modified to cope with the competition.

A great job also for the Arizer to improve and create a unit that meets the shortcomings and things to improve their earlier products. This team of experts is really committed to bringing only the best quality of products and services to you. Salute to you, Arizer!

Insider tip: you should consider getting yours ASAP given the potential 25% tax being put on vaporizers in the US.

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