6 Sites That Will Help You With Education

Everyone needs the right education to succeed in life. Thanks to technology, learning is easier and more convenient. It is a fact that not everyone is well-endowed financially, and that is why not all can afford to pay fees for education.

Luckily, for those who don’t have the chance of accessing the cash to pay fees, there are several options on the table. You can join education websites and still get the same knowledge as those in institutions.

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Online classes are cost-effective and convenient, especially if you are working. They aren’t fixed within stringent timelines like the regular classes, and this gives you flexibility. You can do your essay and free papers in the morning on https://paperap.com/, for instance, then go to work afterward.

This is the type of flexibility you get with online resource classes. Such services also offer a plagiarism checker for you to use so that you learn how to write creative and original content. The following are some of the sites that can help you learn.

1. Academic Earth –academicearth.org

This site has several educational options for those who seek knowledge. They have a vast array of online degree courses which include engineering, accounting, and economics among many others. The site also works in collaboration with many reputable institutions such as Stanford and Oxford University.

They provide their learners with relevant material for learning, such as videos and podcasts. There are some resources that you will pay for and others that are free for use. If you are looking for such a website and make a request ‘grade my paper,’ for instance, you would visit this site and search for previous original content that people wrote to draw conclusions on its quality

2. Internet Archive –internetarchive.org

Based on user experience, this site stores vital information from different sources or websites. Nothing counterfeit but only the originals, and thus you can trust it for educational purposes. For example, the American libraries segment on the site has numerous books that are directly linked with the college libraries. This is one of the best free learning websites on the internet today. On the downside, there are no certificates for learning.

3. Big Think – bigthink.com

This site has experts who write articles and come up with tutorials for students. After they do this, the site has the editors that spice up the content and remove any errors, further making it perfect. This ensures that the end product is substantial and has a positive impact. Aside from getting views from the experts, students can also create their ideas and content on different subject matters.

4. Coursera – coursera.org

A user-friendly website that will give you a comfortable time traversing it for knowledge. Here, you will get in touch with reputable universities on top of having the opportunity to gain an e-course certificate from the site.

There are different dimensions of learning on the website that varies from community discussion forums, peer-assignments, and recorded lectures in either audio or video format. The site gives an assurance that all of these resources are geared towards providing you with the right information and a sharable e-certificate.

5. Bright Storm – brightstorm.com

If you are a mathematics enthusiast, then this might be the best site for you. It is not only a relevant reference source but also a learning website that mitigates all of your educational needs. From complex ideas to the simple ones, it is a site for both scholars and beginner students. The site is continually making it easier for students to understand their technical jargon through their conversions.

This way, it is becoming a site friendly to all users. They have a vast math video library and the fact that they have the best information and resources on this subject, does not mean that they don’t provide info on the others. They equally have resources in science, history, and several other topics.

6. Khan Academy – khanacademy.org

This online site coaches individuals the same way a real school would do. The students who find coaching fees too costly now have an alternative to their problem. With this site, you are not in a hurry to learn as they allow you to go with your pace.

It also gauges the progress report of its students through a personalized dashboard on the site. You will find all the subjects taught in traditional schools such as mathematics, science, history, art, computer programming, economics, geography, and several others.

It is one of the few sites that has partnered with top organizations such as the museum of modern art, MIT, California Academy of Sciences and NASA to provide resources for students. It has 36 different languages in use. These websites can be excellent tools for those who seek to shine in their exams, gain experience, or broaden their horizons.

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