The Power Of Explainer Videos – Explained

Explainer videos are on the up and up, and it’s not hard to see why. From team-of-one Instagram retailers to global tech giants Slack and Dropbox, explainer videos are fast becoming the way of getting your brand and product across in an easily digestible, bite-sized nugget.

They effortlessly side-step the TL;DR effect that can so easily stop even the most interesting articles in their tracks. They’ll appeal to aural, visual and verbal learners, and cross generation gaps. But you may not be 100% sure what explainer videos actually are.

Essentially, and as their name suggests, they are web videos that explain a product or brand, a new offering or a concept. And if you use the internet for any significant amount of time, the chances are you’ll have seen dozens of them already, although maybe with knowing they were explainer videos.

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What’s Behind The Boom In Explainer Videos?

Here we could talk about the psycho-sociological impact of web videos as a medium on its audience versus prose or audio, but we’ll leave that for you to research if you feel that way inclined.

In A Nutshell Though, You Can Think Of The Key Benefits Of Explainer Videos In Four Broad And Interrelated Categories:

  • Engagement: simply put, explainer videos have the capacity to engage audiences easily and quickly, often in a way that prose just cannot match. In this way they seem more suited to how audiences interact with media in 2019. These days, in an overcrowded and hyper-competitive market – with thousands of brands and products relentlessly competing for our attention (and our wallet’s attention) – video will often be the choice medium to quickly capture your viewer’s attention.
  • Simplicity: explainer videos allow you to convey your message in just a few minutes. Or even less. For your explainer video you’ll have to craft an economical, concise, powerful script* that explains why the audience should choose your product. In doing so, you will have to boil your message down to the bare bones. Think of your USP or elevator pitch, but for a potentially viral audience instead of a handful of potential backers. If your video isn’t simple, it loses its power. And if it’s complicated, it’s not even an explainer video anymore.

(*Although many of the most powerful animated explainer videos out there eschew scripts altogether, such as this wonderfully simple effort from Slack.)

  • Exposure: keep your marketing to copy and you’re seriously limited your potential to be seen. That would mean no Vimeo, no Hulu. And, of course, no YouTube. Marketing your product multi-channel will exponentially grow its potential audience. Explainer videos are super-easy to share, and, done well, catchy enough for viewers to want to. For social media advertising, they fit like a glove.
  • Sales/Conversions: why do you need exposure? Although it’s not as simple as saying wider exposure leads to bigger sales, we can definitely say the inverse is true. Don’t get your product enough exposure and you definitely won’t get the sales and conversions you need.

Animated Explainers Video

The vast majority of explainer videos fall into one of two broad types – live action explainer videos, i.e. with real actors, and animated explainer videos, which are made using one of a number of types of animation.

Lesser spotted, but still worth a mention, are screencast explainer videos, where a screen recording is the basis for the video, and typography explainer videos, where typography is used to get the message across. Due to their snowballing numbers and every-growing visibility, we’re going to run you some of the benefits of the animated variety.

And we say variety because they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. An animated explainer video could be a 2D character animation, a 2D motion graphics animation, or even a 2.5D and 3D animation. Over the last few years whiteboard animations have emerged as a quirky and popular option too.

Relatable, fun and captivating – they can be extremely powerful vehicles to get your message across in a flash. And, as seen in the Slack animated explainer video above, they can even get their message across very effectively without words.

One final reason why an animated explainer video might be a better choice for your product than a live action video: the nature of animation and animated characters allow for heaps more creativity compared to real actors.

A well produced and put-together animated explainer video can be rank alongside the most watchable of all web videos, and a neat, down-to-earth way of getting your product out there in a big way for 2019 and beyond.

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