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Innovative Wristwatch & App Alerts You When You’re Too Stressed Out

Innovative Wristwatch & App Alerts You When You’re Too Stressed Out

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

According to everything we’ve seen and written about regarding the new trends for this year, one of them is that people are going to start becoming more acutely aware of daily stress and how it not only affects productivity but happiness in general. Instead of just reading cheeky articles about how important it is to stretch, drink water and avoid getting stressed out during the day, we will actually start taking action to maintain a less stressful life which will be beneficial personally and professionally. It’s a win-win from all directions.

How do we start that process? One way might be to wear a wristwatch that alerts us when we are starting to get stressed out. It’s called a Bandu, and it’s a biofeedback watch and mobile app that reminds you to listen to music, play a smartphone game, meditate for a minute, take 5 deep breaths, or even just stretch when those stressed out feelings start creeping up on us.

You may be wondering how a simple wristwatch would know whether or not you’re stressed out. This isn’t just any watch. It monitors your vital signs and measures your autonomic nervous system (sweating, heart rate, etc.). I can only imagine that sitting still on the highway in rush hour traffic would trigger this thing for a lot of people, but it would also alert us when we might not even realize our heart rate is beginning to race.

The thing about stress is that it can kill us, but it’s so incredibly hard to get it under control. I know this from personal experience. It’s almost like we start to feed on it after a while. I think a little stress is good since it pushes us to be our best, but getting completely stressed out is not such a good thing. You can read more about this watch on MIT Technology Review.

The Watch That Alerts You When You Get Too Stressed Out





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