World’s Smallest Cell Phone To Be Released In Japan

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It’s not hard to use Apple’s iPhone as an example when comparing the world’s different smartphone technologies. It was the “first” one to incorporate the ultra optimized touchscreen and app formatted operating system. The iPhone has gone through a whole lot of transformations since it was first released. It might not look like it, but there has been quite a lot of them. However, the iPhone might get competition from an unexpected design that is said to be the world’s smallest cell phone ever released.

While Apple is rumored to be working on a cheaper model of the iPhone, the world is innovating and trying new things to attract customers. The idea of making things smaller is certainly not new, and in Japan a new cell phone called the Phone Strap 2 is soon to be distributed by Willcom. It could very well be the world’s smaller cell phone which actually works properly.

The cell phone, which sports a one-inch compact display, might become a novelty gadget that people looking to impress can bust out and use to make a name for themselves. Even though it might not make much sense to make a phone this small, there are still tons of people who are supposedly interested in buying one. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the soon-to-be the world’s smallest cell phone has announced they are only going to make 12,000 of them. With that number being so low, there is no doubt this phone will become a hot potato for most gadget collectors.

The world’s smallest cell phone will come in three different colors – white, black and pink. It even comes with a little antenna to make sure reception is as good as it can possibly be. The retro feeling you get when looking at this thing is unmistakable. Probably the one thing people are asking themselves now is whether it makes sense to purchase one. The world’s smallest cell phone will be sold for around $380. Wait a while, and you can probably get a couple of cheap iPhones for that. But then again, the retroness might not be as high in an iPhone, but usability probably will.

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