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World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth Dispenses A 3D Figure Of You

World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth Dispenses A 3D Figure Of You

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is just so cool I’m about to burst. This is the world’s first 3D printing photo booth. If you’ve been following Bit Rebels for a while, you probably know that we are doing our best to keep up with the advances in 3D printing. The technology is moving so fast though that if you look away for just a moment, you can miss it all. We all know how popular photography and photo sharing sites have gotten over the past few years.

Imagine this…What if you went to a photo booth in a mall or a movie theater and you put in a dollar, pulled the curtain, and sat down to get your photo taken by the machine. What if instead of spitting out the usual black and white strip of four or five photos, it dispensed a small mini-me figure of YOU?! Wouldn’t that be awesome? I can totally see this being the kind of thing that I’m flipping out excited about yet my grandchildren will think it’s boring.

This all actually exists (except it costs more than a dollar right now). The world’s first 3D printing photo booth is taking reservations. People will soon be making history by having their photo taken this way in Japan from now until mid-January. You can read World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth To Open In Japan to get more details. If more than one person gets in the photo booth, it will create more than one figure. The cost right now is between $260 – $530 for each figure depending on what size you want it to create. However, keep in mind, this price will go down over time. The people who choose to do this right now in Japan are paying the extra price that early adopters usually expect to pay for being the first to experience this new technology. I can’t wait to do this someday!

World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth






Via: [Spoon & Tamago]

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