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Working Bluetooth Arm Steampunk Keyboard Is Epically Cool

Working Bluetooth Arm Steampunk Keyboard Is Epically Cool

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Have you been looking far and wide for a good bluetooth keyboard, yet you’ve not been able to find one? Don’t worry, it’s harder than most people think to actually find one that makes sense to buy. The fact is, there are so many bluetooth keyboards out there that are just crap. They are either too small or the quality is pretty much junk. As with everyone doing business, manufacturers like to buy the cheapest components available when putting together their final products. If more manufacturers were like Apple, product quality in general would be a lot better. Right now, if you want a useful and cool bluetooth keyboard, you pretty much have to create one yourself. While you’re at it, why not create a bluetooth steampunk keyboard instead?

That seems to be exactly what Thomas Willeford thought when he started putting together his bluetooth arm steampunk keyboard. If you are a gamer, you might know what a Pip-Boy is. This arm steampunk keyboard has a distinct similarity to one of those, but all similarities end right there. Simply slip this badboy onto your arm, hook it up to your mobile device through the bluetooth connectivity and start typing away.

Never before has a bluetooth keyboard been so geeky and…steampunky. Thomas of Brute Force Studios has been creating steampunk keyboards and gadgets for a long time, and they are mostly for sale. Don’t expect them to be cheap though since their exclusive look and feel comes with a price. This steampunk keyboard, for example, will set you back a cool $1,200. Too hefty? Nah, it’s a one-of-a-kind item, and if you get it, you will be sure to have something that no one else will be able to get their hands on. If anything, that is the ultimate geeky statement of the year. I urge you to have a look at all of their other cool creations over at their Etsy page, which is chock-full of cool gadgets. It seem the future is all about the past, if you know what I mean.

Brute Force Studios’ Steampunk Keyboard Creation






Via: [Technabob]

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February 23rd, 2013



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September 3rd, 2013

Neat! Very interesting stuff that is coming out with bluetooth technology. This would be a funny gift to give someone.


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