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Wood Bicycles Will Have You Rolling In Style

Wood Bicycles Will Have You Rolling In Style

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s quite astonishing what people can create from things that have been tossed away and discarded. Giving something a second life is the ultimate in recycling and should definitely be the way humanity stops wasting our planet’s resources. Recycling has been around for a long time now, and we’re getting better and better at it with each year that passes. Every so often you even see something that makes your head go numb in amazement. These wood bicycles are just that kind of project. Not only are they put together from the wood of dismantled homes and buildings, but they are also handcrafted with the skills of a true master.

The two people behind this project (wood bicycles), Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez, are located in San Jose which is a particularly great place to get access to urban wood resources. They also incorporate the lumber from tree removal sites which makes sure none of that goes to waste. The wood bicycles are especially interesting to look at. They are way cooler than any bike made out of metal which is what we are so used to seeing every day.

If the world could be populated with these wood bicycles instead of the ordinary ones, not only would we spare the planet of a lot of pollution, but we could also make sure that most of the wood stockpiled and rotting away somewhere would go to good use. It’s things like these wood bicycles that truly makes innovation and recycling come together in a great way. You have to admit that these wood bicycles are way better looking than any other bike on the market today, right? I wasn’t able to find any pricing for these pieces of art, but I am quite sure that if you want one, you would probably be able to contact them for further information. I sure would like to have one of these to cruise around on. It would totally pimp out those casual rides around the lake that I sometimes undertake to gain inspiration or just to get a little bit of air and exercise.

The Epic Wood Bicycle Models







Via: [Lost At E Minor]

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