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Sneaker Speakers May Reinvent The Way We Play Music Outdoors

Sneaker Speakers May Reinvent The Way We Play Music Outdoors

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

How do you play music in public? Do you play it individually on your smartphone or do you bring an external speaker to let everyone take part in your awesome taste? There are plenty of devices you can use to play music. There’s everything from external and mobile speakers to headphones and earphones. What you choose is of course your own decision. However, if you ever want to take a unique approach, the futuristic sneaker speakers might be something for you.

The youth has always walked the path when it comes to trendy and fashionable clothes and gadgets – So much so that some companies have started focusing completely on the younger citizens of mother earth. A New York design studio called Ray Kingston Inc. is one of those companies. They envision a new kind if speaker that could potentially break the mold for what an external wireless speaker should look like. Their concept is the mega trendy sneaker speakers that will connect to your smartphone wirelessly in order to blast your taste of music.

So far, this is unfortunately just a concept design. But in the future, these sneaker speakers could very well become the trendy kid’s way of acting out his rebellious internal awesomeness. The sneaker speakers are tied onto your ankle with two straps connected on the opposite sides of the sneaker speakers themselves. This allows it to be positioned in whatever direction you prefer. It uses Bluetooth to talk with your smartphone and it runs on batteries, hopefully rechargeable ones.

The youth of tomorrow has a lot to look forward to. If companies continue to focus on them as consumers, there is no telling what cool stuff could be launched. These sneaker speakers may not come across as your average daily gadget, but for a kid, they could be just the thing that will make him stand out in a crowd. Heck, I would definitely wear these if they were ever to become a reality. We’ll see, maybe sneaker speakers are a little ahead of their time. But then again, what isn’t?

Ray Kingston’s Concept Sneaker Speakers






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January 18th, 2013

hello .can get one from them


January 22nd, 2013

These are the ugliest things I have ever seen. They remind me of 80’s style. The basic idea is a good one, but with today’s technology (phone, bluetooth connection), the speaker couldn’t have been made smaller and yet still powerful?

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