When Mouse Design Goes Hi-Tech

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Apple has a way of designing things that look very pleasing for the eye. Things are perfect on the outside but not always on the inside. For example, Apple’s “Mighty Mouse”. It’s a pleasure to work with and the tracking is flawless and pristine. However, the trackball is one of the worst ever put on a mouse. We have all cursed at the loss of traction and in the end the loss of functionality all together. At the low price of $49 sure it’s meant to stop working quite soon. But what is it with it that they can’t adjust and fix. It’s a pure technical flaw. A bug if you will. Apple is known for fixing bugs pretty soon. Fix THIS one apple!

There are some quite interesting mouse designs out there that I sure would like to put my hands on. However, some of them are just prototypes but I thought I’d list them here anyways.

Mouse Design

This one is called “Space Pilot Pro” and is developed by Logitech. It’s aimed at 3D artists for them to be able uninterruptedly keep working and gain more control of the 3D model and the software tools. Looks quite awesome though.

Mouse Design

How about a Nintendo control flavored mouse. Looks like it’s bluetooth as well. However, I would be very surprised if this one is even real. To me it looks like a dream come true but there is something about it that screams 3D rendered. If you know of a place where I can get it, please comment.

Mouse Design

There are quite a few Steampunk prototypes out there and I want to present a few of them for you right here. Again, they are custom made and I doubt they are for sale in any large quantities. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting one or two of two of them.

Mouse Design

This one is one of the most detailed and flawless designs to me. I enjoy the “Tank” look of the actual mouse but also the super cool usb connector. The details are just stunning. Beautiful.

Mouse Design

Somewhat gritty but I like it. Keep wondering how many typewriters they have to destroy in order to put these mouse designs together. That “Spine” thing at the top gotta make it somewhat uncomfortable using this mouse. Haha.

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