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Wearable Computer Socks For Fitness Techies Who Want Cozy Feet

Wearable Computer Socks For Fitness Techies Who Want Cozy Feet

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I love fuzzy, cozy socks. I wear them all year round. When I saw these wearable computer socks, I immediately wanted a pair. If you think it sounds strange (or smelly) to wear computer socks, just remember about all the other wearable tech that’s popular these days. Compared to some of those wearable innovations, these computer socks seem normal. To me, they look a lot more normal than Glass.

This little wearable computer is designed to help you track your fitness. The most amazing part is, you can put these socks in the washer and dryer. They are called Sensoria, and they were created by Heapsylon, a company started by three former Microsoft employees. They have many technological features, with the first one being the fabric of the socks themselves.

The fabric is embedded with pressure sensors, which can monitor the pressure in your foot. In addition to wearing the socks themselves, the user must also wear a Bluetooth ankle bracelet like what you see in the photos below. That ankle bracelet monitors the sensors in the fabric and then sends the information to other computers (that actually have screens).

So what will these wearable computer socks do for you exactly? It’s simple really. They will monitor how many steps you take, the distance you walk or run, your weight distribution and how you’re utilizing your feet while you’re standing, running or even just walking.

These socks will be most useful for runners – but golfers, skiers, diabetics (or anyone with nerve damage in their feet), and anyone else who wants or needs to monitor how they are shifting their weight while walking, running or turning. Oh, and supposedly these socks are soft and cozy. We’ll see about that. Hopefully by sometime next year, we’ll all be able to buy these at the store along with the other socks. They’ll most likely come in a three-pack for around $60.

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