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Watercooled Raspberry Pi Computer Flirts With Aesthetics

Watercooled Raspberry Pi Computer Flirts With Aesthetics

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When it comes to newly introduced computers, few have been talked about and hyped more than the super small and cheap Raspberry Pi. When first announced, people were arguing about whether or not creating a $20 computer was even possible. But soon, we saw this impressive little bundle of technology. If you wanted one, you had to wait a long time. Now the hype has somewhat died down, but the innovation continues. That is especially apparent when you see this watercooled Raspberry Pi.

We have seen plenty of computer mods throughout the years here at Bit Rebels. Some are epic, some are small, and some just are, if you know what I mean. However, this particular watercooled Raspberry Pi has something unique about it. It was built by bit-tech forum member Phame and is an attempt to overclock the Raspberry Pi over 1 Ghz. That’s not a very hard task, especially when you take into consideration that the Raspberry Pi doesn’t run that hot. It’s way too small, and when compared to more high end computers, it’s quite cool in comparison, no matter how much you overclock it. But Phame thought it was a fun project, and one that could potentially gain a bit of interest, so he built it.

The neon-pink contraption is a cool addition to the already insane computer. What really is amazing is that this watercooled mod doesn’t need any additional power to have the cold fluids run through the motherboard. The contraption is actually locked into the Raspberry Pi’s power grid, and it only needs one power adapter to work. Even though the cooling system doesn’t really have a defined purpose or impact, it’s still a great mod that will have anyone look twice.

The Raspberry Pi is definitely a computer to count on in the future. This is not only because it is so small, but also because with a few optimizations, updates and tier increases, this little computer can make a huge difference in the world. We will continue to keep an eye on the Raspberry Pi for sure. This watercooled Raspberry Pi mod can’t be the only one of its kind, right?

Phame’s “Wet Pi” Watercooled Raspberry Pi





Via: [liliputing]

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