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Video Earrings Have Mini-Screen So You Can Play Videos From Your Ears

Video Earrings Have Mini-Screen So You Can Play Videos From Your Ears

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This creative accessory will probably appeal to geeky girls who love to be the center of attention. These are video earrings that will let you play videos on a tiny screen attached to a chain. If you wear these earrings, you can expect people to walk up to you and stare. Of course, they’ll be staring at the videos you’ve decided to play via your earrings. It’s an interesting concept, and although I don’t know how practical it would be, it definitely gets an A on the geeky fun-o-meter.

Think about the possibilities when it comes to being able to play videos from your ears. I mean, you could promote your own YouTube videos, you could play your favorite music videos, or you could even rent that space to advertisers and play their videos. There are quite a few options actually, and it will be fun to see what people can do with this innovative little accessory.

It’s definitely a piece of high tech bling that will put you at the center of attention. The tiny screen itself is only 2.2 inches, and the earrings are recharged via USB. They are able to play all the popular video formats, and they even come with a volume button and built-in speakers.

Unfortunately, the success of this trend hinges on a crowdfunding campaign going on right now over at Indigogo. You can get a pair of 2GB video earrings over there for $50. On the campaign page, they point out that these don’t have to be used as earrings since they will also attach to other places of your body that are pierced. If you’ve always wanted to be able to play videos from your ears for four to eight consecutive hours, now is your chance. All joking aside, this is so creative and I hope the crowdfunding campaign is successful!

Earrings That Let You Play Videos From Your Ears

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Via: [Gizmodiva] [Cnet]

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Christopher Freeman

August 31st, 2013

Really cooool. Wish you much success. There are many posibilities for the idea. Fashion designers and jewelery designers will take it to another level. My creative juices are flowing with ideas.. Keep up the good works.

KEN kisselman

September 3rd, 2013

I think that inquiring into ‘the practical use’ of these video earrings is asking the wrong question. It seems to me that this is a great example of a technology (the display form factor) seeking a practical application (hey we can make them into dangling earrings). That is to say that I don’t think that the product was innovated to address an imagined need; it is simply meant to exploit the fickle sensibilities of fashion where it will be consumed and then forgotten. As such I think that product placement (not crowdfunding) is the real way to establish the market/trend. Asking consumers to imagine how they could use the product has less impact than having the product used in a creative/impactful way by a character in a TV Show/Movie or by a celebrity on a red carpet. Once the behavior of wearable video is established, consumers will emulate it and the trendy among those consumers will strive for new creative applications of the technology. Personally, as someone who wears pins/buttons everyday on his sport coat lapel, if that same screen was available with a pin back instead of an earring mount I would buy it in a second!

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