Vacation Flip Flop iPhone 4 Case

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Summer is one of those times when you find yourself plastered with all kinds of gadget ads and commercials. It’s like we are not expected to do anything except buy things all day long in hopes of using them in the evenings. You can find these offers everywhere too. If it’s not in the grocery store, it’s at your favorite gas station or corner shop. It can be anything from a foldable chair to a football and beyond. And, people buy these things like mad. It doesn’t really matter if they already bought the same thing the summer before. They still buy these things in truck loads.

It seems as if case manufacturers and developers want to get in on it as well since their cases kind of morph into summery gadgets as soon as the vacation season starts. I found a really interesting example of this when I stumbled over the Flip Flop iPhone Case. It’s a rather hilarious piece of geekery that doesn’t really have a purpose. Well it does, but not in the way the title describes.

Imagine an iPhone case which has a distinct flip flop structure but it is too small, and then start you to think about what it could be used for. Well, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are supposed to wear them on your feet (unfortunately). Instead, it is a way for you to hold it a little bit more geeky, I guess. The look of it is quite hilarious. If you are a beach dweller who just can’t get enough of the sun, the salt water and the insane number of people who are all doing the same thing, chillin’, then this iPhone case is perfect for you. It’s not particularly expensive either. On Amazon they start at just around $3 dollars and there are tons of them to choose from.





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