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Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Is The Windows 8 Unicorn Smartphone Another Headache For Apple?

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

You might recall us featuring a Windows 8 smartphone concept called the Surface Phone a couple of days ago and how it could potentially put a stopper in the cash flow for Apple. Well, as it turns out the Internet is teaming with Windows 8 concept smartphones and even though they are not always good it is apparent there is a change going on. One of the better ones is from 2012, and it is called the Unicorn concept smartphone, and it’s sleek, to say the least.

Apple has always bragged about their ability to make things thin and beautiful, but they might just have gotten a ton of competition from designers around the world putting together their dream phone in 3D rendering software. There are a lot of talented concept designers out there, and their products are usually either highly entertaining or quite frankly, frickin’ magnificent. The Unicorn smartphone concept, by Jet Ong, is one of those designs.

There is something highly appealing about the Unicorn concept. It’s thin, and it almost resembles a wallet in a way. I have to admit that even though it also reminds me of a flip phone (which in a way it is) it still has that unique, universal and utterly useful design. I even like the USB port embedded in the case itself.

It’s partly the colors that make this phone so eye catching. However, the design and placement of the different components is also a big reason why this concept deserves the spotlight here at Bit Rebels. Apple should definitely start worrying about their level of innovation if any of these really talented designers suddenly start to work on Microsoft products (or any other products for that matter), Apple’s stock could be in for a little bit of a negative shock.

Jet Ong’s Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone Concept

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

Unicorn Windows 8 Smartphone

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