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Traveling Geeks: The Ultimate Wireless Luggage Finder

Traveling Geeks: The Ultimate Wireless Luggage Finder

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Finding our luggage at the airport baggage claim can be really stressful. That is why I don’t even like checking luggage. I’m flying all the way to China in May, and I’m doing it with a small carry-on. It’s just too much of a hassle to get huddled up with all those people in baggage claim.

Some people get so stressed about it that they just abandon their luggage and leave. There is an artist who collects those clothes left behind in suitcases, and she creates cloth cities with it all. You can read more about that at Portable Cities: Architecture Created From Old Clothes.

To make the process easier, you could put these creative and controversial stickers on your suitcase so you can identify it quickly and get out of there. However, using these might get you into an even bigger hassle. There is now another option for you to comfortably locate your luggage. It’s geeky, techie and the best option I’ve seen so far. It’s the Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder. You simply attach the luggage tag and put the transmitter in your pocket. When you get to baggage claim, just have a seat anywhere within 66 feet of the carousel. When your baggage arrives, it will alert you. Since it uses a unique code with each system, you don’t have to worry about any false alerts.

The only way this would be better for me would be if it came in the form of an iPhone app. But until then, this will work just fine. You can read a full review and user experience on TMCnet. You can also purchase one of these little geeky gadgets of goodness for 25 bucks on X-Treme Geek.

Baggage Claim Experience Made Easy

Baggage Claim Experience Made Easy

Baggage Claim Experience Made Easy

Baggage Claim Experience Made Easy

Via: [OhGizmo!] Header Image Credit: [Bobkeenan Photography / Shutterstock]

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