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Trash-Powered Cleaning Robot Will Eat The Trash & Dirt In Your House

Trash-Powered Cleaning Robot Will Eat The Trash & Dirt In Your House

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Many times I’ve imagined what it would be like to have a cleaning robot roam around my house all day, keeping it sparkly clean. In my mind, it was always a robot that looked like a person who was wearing a maid’s uniform and carrying around a duster. Obviously I watched too many television shows with robots when I was young because all the ‘real world’ cleaning robots I’ve seen over the past few years look nothing like that.

If you’ve imagined having a cleaning robot in your house too, I’m excited to say that it’s not too far off that we might use such a thing. There are already versions of cleaning robots on the market now, and as they continue to get more advanced, they’ll most likely become mainstream.

This particular cleaning robot concept design is especially interesting because it’s powered by trash. In other words, it’s sustained by utilizing the very substances that it cleans up. It uses a process called microbial electrolysis, which means it uses bacteria as its power source. The honeycomb design on the wheels allows this cutie to make its way all around your house, including over obstacles and up and down stairs.

This cleaning robot was designed by Elliot Cohen, and I’m sad to say that it’s not being mass produced yet, so we can’t buy it. It makes a lot of sense to have one of these though, and I’m actually surprised that something like this doesn’t already exist. The fact that it charges itself using the bacteria in the trash it cleans up is brilliant. I wonder how noisy it is. If it is quiet, I’d give this trash-powered maid a name and let him roam around my house all day long. In a couple years from now, I bet we’ll all have something like this in our homes.

Trash-Powered Cleaning Robot Eats Trash & Dirt

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