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Titan 1 Enters The Future Of 3D Printing With Groundbreaking Features

Titan 1 Enters The Future Of 3D Printing With Groundbreaking Features

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Just a few years back, 3D printing was a science fiction technology that had people longing for the day they thought was still far away. However, innovation found a way to bring this exciting technology to our fingertips way sooner than expected and today 3D printing is a soon-to-be common household word. It is much thanks to new research and innovation brought to our attention through the groundbreaking new desktop 3D printer called the Titan 1.

If you have been following and reading Bit Rebels for a long time, you might recall that we were one of the first websites to actively report on this technology, and it is with great pleasure that I present the next stage in this ever exceedingly astounding technology.

The Titan 1 is about to take 3D printing into the next era with a pocket full of features and upgrades that will make your 3D printing as exciting as you once expect it to be. Current 3D printers expose three annoying problems, and they are small printing size, long printing time and low resolution. This is something that the TItan 1 deals with in a magnificent way and thus proclaim the throne as the best desktop 3D printer on the market today.

Size has long been a factor when people choose which 3D printer to get, and the Titan 1 is going to make the choice unanimously easy from now on. With a printing size of 9.5” tall with a 7.54” x 4.25” build base at 100 micron XYZ resolution, the Titan 1 is the tallest among all personal SLA printers. It is not hard to understand that with these improvements we are not far from the day when we can order something online and 3D print it at home, which is by all means the future of product delivery, and the Titan 1 takes the first real steps towards that.

In addition to being able to print the tallest objects, the Titan 1 is also the fastest SLA printer on the market. As an example, for other SLA printers to print a 4.6 inch Eiffel tower with 100 micron Z resolution, it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Put the Titan 1 on the task and it will only take you 2 hours. A mind-boggling increase that will have almost insane impact on the 3D printing community as a whole.

The third major improvement that the Titan 1 brings to the table is the fact that it can print at resolutions 5 times better than FDM printers and can print features as thin as a strand of hair. Combine these three improvements and you have the best desktop 3D printer on the market today, a title that we think the Titan 1 will hold in its possession for a long time.

The company behind the Titan 1, Kudo3D, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to put the finishing touches on this extraordinary 3D printer, and so far the resonance has been without comparison. The crowd funding goal of $50,000 has been obliterated and with 8 days to go the campaign has managed to raise almost $490,000. This is true evidence that the Titan 1 is on the verge of becoming nothing less than a technology phenomenon, especially in the 3D printing industry.

We strongly urge you to jump over to their Kickstarter page and have a look at their groundbreaking 3D printer and the proceed to pledge. Be one of the first to wield the power of the Titan 1 and impress everyone. The limitations are no longer in the features of your 3D printer but in your own creativity.

Titan 1 – The Best 3D Printer On The Market

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

Titan 1 3D Printer

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June 18th, 2014

AwSm stuff // wishing the very best // cheers!

Vedarth Deshpande

June 20th, 2014

Loved the post!

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