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Tikker: The Watch That Counts Down The Time Until Your Imminent Death

Tikker: The Watch That Counts Down The Time Until Your Imminent Death

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Just like the lady announces in the impressively viral YouTube clip “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” we should all try a little harder not to let bad and unfortunate things get to us. There are way more important things in life than constantly looking at things from a negative point of view. We don’t have an unlimited time here on this blue planet, so we should make it a happy adventure, no matter what it is. That is exactly what the Tikker could help us with.

Tikker is a new way of looking at time, the time you have left that is. We are so obsessed with how fast time is going and what to do with it that we forget we don’t have an unlimited supply of it, if that make sense. As the video says, we all have an expiration date, and we should make sure to live life from that perspective. We should all ask ourselves if it’s worth it to argue, or to be scared of doing something you have long been dreaming about doing. The Tikker watch was developed to change that negative perspective and alert us that life is ticking away one second at the time, with a positive touch.

There is nothing advanced about Tikker, it’s just one of those watches that has its own unique design. According to the video (which you can find at the end of this article), the watch comes with a manual that will tell you how to calculate the time you have left until you, just like everyone else, will face your imminent death. It’s kind of frightening, I know, but there is a good incentive behind the watch and that’s what it is all about – to make you more aware of the time you have left.

Tikker is a startup that is looking to be funded in order to become a “real” product. The company behind the watch is looking to raise $25,000, and so far, with 24 days to go, they have managed to raise a little over $9,000. This should give us a hint that the Tikker Kickstarter campaign is destined to become a successful one. Once it is, everyone who has pledged will be sent their very own Tikker watch so that they too can count down the time they have left to affect and make a change on this planet. Are you one of those people?

Tikker Will Help You See The Importance Of Life

Tikker Death Count Down

Tikker Death Count Down

Tikker Death Count Down

Tikker Death Count Down

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