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The Real Notebook: Future Laptops Are More Then Flexible

The Real Notebook: Future Laptops Are More Then Flexible

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We have seen many different conceptual ideas lately when it comes to cell phones and laptops. They get more and more wacky by the day, and what we really need is something that will take technology further into the future. It’s easier said than done, and the leaders right now are focusing on adding more features to the already widely popular smart/touch-phones. I am a little bummed out though that all we have been seeing lately are upgrades of already old technology. Buying a phone with a faster Internet connection, better apps and a higher resolution camera is not bringing technology forward in my opinion. There needs to be a new perspective and some innovation coming soon.

There are; however, a few concept ideas out there that keep this whole thing alive. They are most likely never to see the light of day in our stores, although there could be some inspiration coming from all of it. After all, everything in Star Wars and Star Trek was considered mumbo-jumbo when it first came out. Today we see technology that has almost surpassed the cool technology in those awesome movie franchises.

Conceptual designer Kim Min Seok has a pretty rad idea when it comes to the notebook and what direction to push it. Why not make it more realistic to the point where we can actually flip through the pages like a real book? The casing would be somewhat flexible and work as a part of the interior features on it. Bending one edge activates the page flipping feature. At least I think it’s a wacky cool idea. However, I don’t think it would be a natural step for the notebook since we are used to features making things easier in our life, not making them more complicated as far as physical movement. It’s still a rad idea which I am sure will give some designers out there inspiration for other new and awesome features.

Real Notebook Bends To Flip

Real Notebook Bends To Flip

Real Notebook Bends To Flip

Real Notebook Bends To Flip

Real Notebook Bends To Flip

Via: [Yanko Design]

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