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The iPad – Jailbroken In Under 24 Hours – Video Proof

The iPad – Jailbroken In Under 24 Hours – Video Proof

7 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Yup, it’s one of those things that you get credit for breaking. When the iPhone came out it took quite a while to jailbreak it to reach the core software where hackers could install and modify their apps and settings. The joy of being able to change and edit whatever you want is obviously higher than ever with the iPad. Jailbreaking isn’t illegal but is highly frowned upon by Apple. You are allowed to jailbreak it as much as you want as it is your own gadget. However, if the iPad should ever start acting up on you and you would like to take it to the Apple shop for repair… well, let’s just say you won’t even get inside the door with that thing.

A member of the underground geek team called “iPhone Dev Team” named MuscleNerd apparently managed to jailbreak and login to the iPad in under 24 hours. The feat was achieved by hacking the device using a browser-based hack that allowed MuscleNerd to reach the inner core.

So, what will you gain by hacking and jailbreaking an iPad? Well, there is a huge open source scene out there that is developing free and usable applications to enhance and even outperform the regular apps. The many benefits are making a lot of people consider jailbreaking their devices but few actually go ahead and do it. The following clip is supposed to prove the hack was done, but it also shows how simple it really was. My only statement is… imagine all that screen space to play with!

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