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Emperor: The $21,000 Ultimate Workstation For Ultra Geeks

Emperor: The $21,000 Ultimate Workstation For Ultra Geeks

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

They say that sitting down can kill you. It’s a claim that could very well be true if you neglect to listen to your body’s reactions when you sit a lot. Throughout the years, innovators have tried to solve this problem by creating more intricate and comfortable solutions where you, as a user, are the focal point. Basically they are trying to bring you the ultimate workstation so that you can work longer hours without having to feel uncomfortable and risk having health issues because of it.

The latest in ultimate workstation innovation is the Emperor 1510 LX workstation created by MWE Lab. If you have ever wanted to have the best of the best when it comes to comfort and awesomeness, the Emperor is what you need to check out. It comes with 3 screens (but it supports up to 5), a BOSE sound system, a rotating base, a laptop stand, support for your keyboard and mouse, armrests, cup holder, support for tablets, a shelf for accessories and a whole lot more that you can come to expect from the ultimate workstation ever created.

As you can see, The Emperor itself is a science fiction-inspired chair that when put in your house is going to look like something from the future. The concept of course caters to the thought that computing should always be comfortable, relaxing and inspiring. I would have to agree with all three of these, but there is just one little detail that might throw you off just a tad.

This particular custom workstation has a price tag of “only” $21,000 (the cheapest one is around $6,000 while the most expensive one is priced at $49,000), which makes it a little bit of a stretch to consider if you ask me. Sure, having one of these badboys in the office when you arrive is not exactly going to demotivate you, but the price tag just might. Then again, if you want comfort, and of course the latest science fiction interior design, you might just want to dig deep into those pockets of yours. I am afraid it also comes with the awesomeness of being on the edge of technology.

The Emperor – MWE Lab’s Ultimate Workstation Innovation






Via: [UFunk – French]

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Peter Mckechnie

August 25th, 2015

Totally awesome

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