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The Dyke Bike: Monowheel Motorcycle Stabilized By Air

The Dyke Bike: Monowheel Motorcycle Stabilized By Air

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The future holds some really cool technology that has not yet been invented, we all know that. However, there are some people out there that are already looking into what could be created today even though it might not be conventional enough for people to actually use yet. The ideas are as mind boggling as you could ever imagine, and with the right kind of research, some of these things could work today; however, they would be insanely expensive to create in any kind of volume. That’s what it is all about really. We push the limit by inventing new stuff even though the expenses would be more than the profits if the product were ever to go into mass production.

Industrial designer Imran Othman is one of the people I am talking about. He created what can only be described as one of the hottest and most insane bikes ever made. Using a turbo charged jet fan, he manages to raise a monowheel bike into perfect alignment, thus making it able to flawlessly fly along the roads on pretty much any terrain. It’s a daring concept with an even more daring name.

The concept idea is called the Dyke Bike, and it is most likely not going into any mass production anytime soon. However, the design is uber beautiful, and you can really see the feminine lines going through the whole bike. The question is though, how many people would actually dare to buy a monowheel motorcycle when they have issues driving even a regular bike? Well, the future holds unanswered questions, and this could prove to be one of those really huge concept ideas that will jam roads to Vegas and back. We’ll see what happens, but the design and overall concept of this awesome bike are just incredible! Would you drive it?

Dyke Bike Mono Wheel Motorcycle

Dyke Bike Mono Wheel Motorcycle

Dyke Bike Mono Wheel Motorcycle

Dyke Bike Mono Wheel Motorcycle

Dyke Bike Mono Wheel Motorcycle

Via: [Yanko Design]


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