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Tear Off Flash Drives Enable Emergency Storing Of Files

Tear Off Flash Drives Enable Emergency Storing Of Files

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We all know there is an abundance of USB flash drives for sale around the world. Still, there are new concepts being dreamed up and marketed, and some are more successful than others. One of the more popular ones is the insanely big 1TB USB flash drive from Kingston that I wrote about a few months ago. But there are of course other concepts created that we haven’t seen before. The tear off flash drive is one of those concepts poking at our attention.

When it comes to useful USB flash drives, the ones that are small yet still have a large amount of storage space are usually the ones that become popular. The tear off flash drive concept is a bit of a new breed of technology that makes a whole lot of sense. If you have ever been in the position where you just don’t have enough storage space on your primary USB drive, you probably know how frustrating it is. The tear off USB flash concept aims to solve that problem with 1GB tear off drives which you can use in emergency situations that require just a little bit of extra storage room.

The idea and design comes from Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup who wanted to create a simple solution for business meetings, music sharing, portfolio showcases, etc. but in a cost effective way. The tear off USB drives allow you to quickly tear off one of the drives, put whatever files you want on it, label it and you’re set to go. It’s just not any more difficult than that.

The outer shell of this USB drive is made out of recycled paper so the cost for the each drive is quite reduced. You’re basically not paying for anything other than the storage space itself. There are 4 USB flash drives available on each pack so they’re easy to bring with you in your wallet or your bag. The concept is really called Gigs-2-Go, but it makes much more sense to call them tear off USB flash drives. It’s a neat concept, and one that could get a lot of traction once it is realized as I take it that it has not yet been.

Kurt Rampton & BOLTgroup’s Tear Off USB Flash Stick






Via: [Yanko Design]

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