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Syndee: The 4-In-1 Charging Station For Those Who Love Power

Syndee: The 4-In-1 Charging Station For Those Who Love Power

4 Years Ago By Mikel King

Recently I took a serious sabbatical from writing to concentrate on a number of other projects, but since the holiday season is firmly upon us, I thought I would step back into the writing thing swinging. I recently stumbled across this little nugget from the manufacturer Kanex, and it would make a nice gift to those users of power hungry devices like tables and smartphones. Please allow me to introduce you to Syndee, a 4-in-1 USB charging station that offers a full 2.1 amps of charging power to each port.

We all know more power is a good thing, especially if you need to recharge several devices at once. This device lets you do that with ease and style. As you can see, you can safely charge 3 iPads in the podium stand as well as a fourth device while keeping the cables neatly arranged. What’s nice about the podium arrangement is that you can still use the top tablet for reading or watching a movie or even with a wireless keyboard to correspond. Hell, you could even write an article for Bit Rebels… Additionally, with a little imagination, other arrangements are possible. For instance, two tablets inside and two cell-phone handheld devices on the front podium shelf.

Oh, and for the fashion conscious, it is available in both black and white. Although the manufacturer’s marketing might lead you to believe otherwise, it is worth noting that this is not an Apple-only charging station. I think the manufacturer did a good job of keeping it relatively device agnostic by making it USB based, which is very important if you live in a mixed household. Unfortunately, they have not done as good a job explaining this on their website. It’s bad enough having to listen to the two factions argue iOS vs. Android, but fighting over the charging rights is überInsane! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and look forward to the next one.

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Via: [Syndee]

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