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Swallow Your Daily Password In A Vitamin Pill & Log In With A Touch

Swallow Your Daily Password In A Vitamin Pill & Log In With A Touch

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

As computer geeks, one of the most inconvenient things we have to deal with is keeping up with all our passwords. It’s a pain in the butt, but we do it anyway since we’re constantly reminded of the potential consequences if we slack off on our digital security. Wouldn’t it be great if our passwords changed every day, and if we could eat them in a vitamin pill? That way, we would have the ultimate in security, but we wouldn’t have to remember anything.

The more I read about this, the more it made sense. Regina Dugan, a Motorola executive, recently presented this idea at the D11 conference. According to her presentation (which you can see via a 35 minute video here on All Things D), we could simplify the world of passwords by simply taking a vitamin authentication pill each day.

Each vitamin pill would contain an electronic chip. It would be specifically designed to ‘activate’ when it reaches your stomach. It would generate a signal like an electrocardiogram. Our entire bodies would be ‘charged’ with our daily password, and simply touching our laptops or smartphones would log us in to whatever site we would normally have to type a password.

Digestible sensors already exist, so this idea may not be as crazy as you might have initially thought. Aside from swallowing our passwords in the form of a vitamin pill, she also suggested it could be done in the form of an electronic tattoo. Of course, if we swallow our passwords, that would also mean we’d pass them out of our bodies too, right? Can you imagine all the sewage that would be filled with passwords? Yuck. There is no word yet that this is actually going to be implemented, but kudos to Motorola for coming up with such a creative idea!

Swallow Your Daily Password In A Vitamin Pill


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