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Sugar Lab’s Sweet 3D Printed Sculptures Made Entirely From Sugar

Sugar Lab’s Sweet 3D Printed Sculptures Made Entirely From Sugar

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I read an article last week that said the materials used in 3D printing aren’t quite keeping up with the pace at which 3D printing technology itself is progressing. Innovators will most likely have to balance that equation if things are going to keep progressing as fast as they have over the past year in the 3D printing world. I wonder if anyone saw this coming – Sugar Lab figured out a way to 3D print using regular, white sugar. What you see below are 3D printed sugar sculptures.

Sugar Lab is a company owned by a husband and wife named Kyle and Liz. It all started when they wanted to bake their friend a birthday cake, but they didn’t have an oven. So, they decided to 3D print a cake instead. Now, years later, they have perfected their process so they can 3D print sweet confections of any kind. These examples below show their geometric shapes made entirely out of sugar. According to their website, they “transform sugar into a dimensional, structural medium.”

These 3D printed sugar sculptures from Sugar Lab can be placed on top of a cake or even eaten just by themselves. It seems like it would be strange to eat one of these since it would be pure sugar, but there would still be something incredibly geeky and special about getting one of these one-of-a-kind sculptures made from sugar.

It’s exciting to see 3D printing expand into more mainstream uses. Just imagine the things we’ll see in the future as chefs and foodies around the world increasingly add 3D printing into their routines. By creating works of art like this with food, it adds a whole level of beauty and customization into the process. Chefs will be able to express even more complex artistry into their work. Gorgeous!

Sugar Lab’s 3D Printed White Sugar Sculptures

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Via: [Inhabitat]

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