Steve Jobs Tribute iPhone 4S Cases Now Available

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It’s now been a while since Steve Jobs had to unwillingly retire from his earthly domains. People around the world are still missing his enigmatic personality, and the homages to celebrate his contribution to humanity are still being created and shared. I believe it will take quite a while before we will see these creations stop, if they ever do. I am sure the people at Apple will put together ad campaign after ad campaign with Steve Jobs as their main focus in order to further attest that it is his heritage that they are releasing into the world. Diana wrote a super inspiring article not too long ago about the The 50 Best Tributes To Steve Jobs From Around The World, and I urge you to check it out!

To further contribute to the ever growing pool of tributes, there is now a whole series of iPhone 4 cases (and I take it they are also for the iPhone 4S, but you would have to make sure that’s correct) available with different artworks of Steve Jobs on the back. So if you want to let people know how much you appreciated this genius of a visionary, I think you should definitely have a look at these. They are made available by¬†WOWcases, and they will most likely give you the good feeling of paying respect to someone that has most likely made your life a lot more fun. After all, you are using an iPhone, right?

The cases will set you back $13.42, and they come in several different motifs. It’s quite a sleek case that will most certainly keep your phone a little safer from bumps and shocks. What a great tribute to a man who has contributed so much to the world of technology.

Steve Jobs Tribute iPhone Cases

Steve Jobs Tribute iPhone Cases

Steve Jobs Tribute iPhone Cases

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