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CommBadge Realizes The Communicator Star Trek Technology

CommBadge Realizes The Communicator Star Trek Technology

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Science fiction movies have always inspired humankind to innovate beyond the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Every once in a while, it seems we break the boundaries and unleash something that we only thought existed in the science fiction world. That’s when we leap into another era of technology. Everything seems to go faster at that point, and sometimes even the smallest innovation can inspire us to change our daily behavior. The CommBadge is one of those little things. It’s a push communicator that locks into either your iPhone or your Android. It’s nothing less than a gadget that realizes some rather legendary Star Trek technology in the simplest of ways.

In the past, we have had to pick up our iPhone or Android, push a button, and speak into the microphone in order to (in the simplest way) record a note, schedule a meeting or add pretty much anything to our mobile device. The CommBadge is about to change all that. It is a realization of the Star Trek communicator, and it mimics the Star Trek technology down to the easiest function.

All you really need to do is to push the device and speak. The rest will be taken care of by your mobile device. This device will enable you to keep your hands free at all times (well, besides from quickly pushing the button that is). This is a working product, but the innovators are looking for funding to make this Star Trek technology available to the masses. They are looking to raise $100,000, and with 24 days left to go, they have so far raised around $6,500 over at IndoeGoGo. So, if you are looking for a device that will reinvent the way you do things, and of course optimize your time, you should definitely pledge. Pledging just $75 will get you one of these badboys once the project is funded. I have always been inspired by Star Trek (and Star Wars) technology, so this is one that I will follow closely.

CommBadge – Star Trek Technology Realized






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