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Soloshot Is The Perfect Automated Cameraman For Lens Hoggers

Soloshot Is The Perfect Automated Cameraman For Lens Hoggers

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

So there you are, trying to figure out how to take a photo of yourself while surfing. You can’t ask your girlfriend (or your boyfriend) to take it because she’s just chilling out touching up on her tan. You don’t want to ask a stranger since you would probably not trust just anyone with your new $2,000 system camera. What else is there to do? It seems necessity is the sole reason for most innovation that is realized. The Soloshot innovation is definitely one of those.

So what really is the Soloshot anyway? Imagine for a second the scenario I just painted. Wouldn’t it be great to have an automated cameraman that would follow your every move constantly shooting pictures of you? It seems that is not science fiction anymore. The Soloshot was created to help you with this quite annoying task.

Once you have setup your Soloshot camera rig, you are ready to go. With a little gadget wrapped around your arm, the Soloshot will always know where to point the camera and shoot pictures of you in regular intervals. The Soloshot solution works wirelessly, of course. This solution will enable you to setup a camera at your parties, weddings, vacations, pretty much wherever you are. You can always expect good pictures to come out of every important moment in your life, at least that is the whole idea behind the Soloshot camera accessory.

Its whole purpose is to allow you to forget about camera operations while you’re actually making moments to remember. For the solo cameraman, this could be the ultimate solution if you want to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Soloshot was a kickstarter project that was successfully funded, and therefore will be realized. For every accessorized photographer, this should come as great news. There are about a million different camera apps to buy and download, but stuff like this seems to be harder to invent. The Soloshot currently retails for $475.

Soloshot – Automatic Camera Tracker & Shutter





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