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Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

SoloCam – Selfie Stick Turned Into A Full Reporter Camera Rig

1 Year Ago By Richard Darell

Journalists who love reporting live on the scene can now satisfy that burning desire without actually bringing an entire camera crew with them. Solocam is a selfie stick that includes a telescoping pole with a mount for a compact video camera or smartphone at one end and a Bluetooth handheld microphone at the other end. With this selfie stick, users can talk to the camera without worrying about the quality of the video or sound.

SoloCam was developed by Benny Goldstein, an Israeli engineer, in hopes of creating a new generation of do-it-yourself TV reporters. He shared that he developed SoloCam after creating a prototype out of a microphone and a selfie stick held together by black electrical tape.

SoloCam’s microphone is built into a rotating ring-shaped handle that makes capturing of your videos easier and more user-friendly. The handle is equipped with a joystick-style controller that allows the user to wirelessly control the application that comes with SoloCam. The app lets the user record videos while using features such as special effects and a teleprompter.

This app also allows the user to switch between the rear and front cameras of his phone, so he can change between filming what’s in front of him and himself. The setup may look bizarre, but the videos that the selfie stick helps make are clear and look professional. With its large handle, it is possible for one or two persons to hold it while they speak into the mic.

SoloCam is available in two versions. The basic version is offered for $50, while the pro costs $149. The pro version comes with attachments that allow users to mount other cameras aside from their smartphones. It also comes with upgraded microphones.

SoloCam is perfect for reporters, vloggers and even those who just want to do their own TV-style broadcast. So there you go, now you don’t have an excuse anymore to not rule the world with your vlogs.

SoloCam – The One Option For Aspiring Vlog Reporters

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

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One Comment


August 9th, 2015

This is gonna fuel a new trend of solo news reporting on Youtube, I’m sure of that.


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