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Solar Powered Glass Crosswalk Sign Mixes Sci-Fi With Reality

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Innovation is what’s driving society further, whether it is within technology or not. When it is actually something technological, there are a bunch of benefits that can be reaped from it, until the power goes out that is. We see a lot of technological concept designs here at Bit Rebels. They are sent to us in piles, but half of them are either wishful thinking or just not perfected yet. However, the innovative solar powered glass crosswalk sign is a plausible solution worth taking a closer look at.

Designer Aibek Almasov could be on to something here. We know there is a lot of technology entering our infrastructure all around the world these days, so why not incorporate this crosswalk sign into it all as well? The solar powered glass crosswalk sign is actually quite nifty when you think about it. Not only does it make it easier to spot, but it also saves energy and can be programmed for a whole lot more features than the analog signs we see on our streets today.

The drawback would be that the crosswalk sign is solar powered, so it probably wouldn’t do so well in countries like England for example. But then again, solar power cells have become immensely optimized in the last few years, and they could probably save up enough energy for a couple weeks of rain or so. The energy saving sign is in constant ‘off’ mode until it is actually touched. It’s a feature that could definitely benefit our energy consumption in the world. Of course, the duration of the sign can be reprogrammed depending on the length of the crossing.

With innovation driving the most complex devices these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if a concept design like this actually makes it into a reality one day soon. When I think about it, this particular crosswalk sign has another drawback. What about blind people? If the sign is in constant ‘off’ mode until it’s touched, how is a blind person supposed to hear it to locate it and activate it? Maybe that is something the designer wouldn’t mind refining a little bit before we go and plop down these innovative glass signs all around the world, right?

Aibek Almasov’s Solar Powered Glass Crosswalk Sign







Via: [psfk]

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