Snap-On Case For iPhone Adds Full Camera Controls & Feel

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Let’s break it down. The smartphone camera revolution has made us snap happy beyond our wildest dreams. I don’t think anyone could have imagined the impact of smartphone photography about a decade or so ago. We’re taking an insane amount of pictures these days and most of them end up on the Internet. But the fact still remains that our smartphone cameras aren’t all that good. There is much to be innovated when it comes to the design and specs of smartphone cameras. It’s not yet the same to take a picture on a smartphone as it is on a real system camera. The grip and feel of an iPhone are miles away from the almost exotic feeling of snapping pictures with a real system camera. That is what a snap-on case for the iPhone is trying to fix.

This innovative snap-on case for the iPhone, called the Snapgrip, could potentially make for a pretty well rounded smartphone photography experience. By adding a rubber and texture feel to the snap-on case, it will make it way more authentic and inspiring. But that’s not really what this snap-on case is all about. The real innovation is in its features. The Snapgrip snap-on case sets out to add real system camera controls (through Bluetooth) directly onto your iPhone. That’s something that a lot of smartphone photographers have longed for for quite a long time.

Snapgrip is a concept that is in the development stage. The developers are looking to raise approximately £18,000 within 10 days in order to make sure the demand of the product is enough to actually go ahead and produce it. The good news is that with 10 days to go, the project is already successfully funded. So if you want your own Snapgrip snap-on case, you can go to their Kickstarter project profile and pledge just £29.00 (only a limited slots left), and you will get the case delivered to you in February. For a smartphone photographer looking for that extra added feel and controls, this case is a must.

Snapgrip Snap-On Case For iPhone






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