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Snap! Makes Your iPhone Look Like A Real Camera

Snap! Makes Your iPhone Look Like A Real Camera

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I bet you are excited about shooting new pictures with that iPhone 4S you are probably flaunting right about now, right? The chances of me pointing out the people who have an iPhone 4S are actually pretty good. After all, Apple has sold more than a few of those puppies. Along with the new phone came a slew of upgrades, like there usually is. For example, the camera got a boost, and now it takes pictures in even greater megapixel resolution. That camera still has not caught up to the other mobile phone cameras around the world who sport megapixel sets of 10-12. However, the iPhone of course has a lot of other huff that make the phone quite appealing and desirable.

If you should ever feel that it’s becoming lame to walk around shooting things with your mobile phone, and if you long for a real camera, I think the gadget for you could possibly be the Snap! case. It’s an iPhone case that disguises your iPhone 4 as a real camera… almost. Now you can walk around and look as edgy and professional as all the other photographers in that photography class you’re taking too. Just don’t let them get too close, or they will most likely spot your little stunt.

The case is made available by BitPlay Inc., and even though I can’t seem to find a price for it, I have done some research on the matter. It’s a pretty neat little accessory for your iPhone if you want to get into the spirit of becoming a fake “real” photographer. I have to admit though that the case itself looks a little bit too plastic for my taste, and it sometimes feels like it is a toy camera for children. But hey, what do you expect out of a fake camera case meant to make your iPhone (which already has a neat packaging by the way) look like a real camera? Everything that is meant to look real but isn’t tends to be like that… if you know what I mean.

Snap Camera iPhone 4 Case

Snap Camera iPhone 4 Case

Snap Camera iPhone 4 Case

Snap Camera iPhone 4 Case

Via: [DVICE]

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