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Highly Immersive Smartphone VR Glasses Change Everything

Highly Immersive Smartphone VR Glasses Change Everything

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The virtual reality movement is gaining momentum, and we are seeing more products that cater to this highly immersive approach to all things virtual. So far, virtual reality has mostly been for geeky gamers or developers, but there is progress going on now that could change all that in an instant. We have featured a few products that enable virtual reality on smartphones, but none of them come close to the mobility and immersion of the vrAse VR glasses.

The idea behind this truly impressive smartphone accessory is to present a cheap yet powerful smartphone virtual reality solution. Imagine being able to take a virtual reality experience with you no matter where you go. These VR glasses will enable you to enjoy virtual reality content anywhere. One of the best features these glasses sport is that they are compatible with pretty much any smartphone you can think of (except the flip phones of course).

As if virtual reality wasn’t enough, these VR glasses can be used to enjoy big screen movies almost in the same way as if you were at the movies. All you need to do is turn on the vrAse app, slide your phone into the VR glasses accessory and then start enjoying the content on the screen. It’s really as simple as that.

As with almost all new products these days, these glasses need funding in order to be completed and refined. The project founder is looking to raise £55,000 before the campaign is over. That is not going to be a problem since the campaign has already managed to raise a staggering £22,000 with over 39 days to go. I have a feeling this project and campaign will be one of the most successful on Kickstarter.

As always though, it’s entirely up to the consumers to show their support for this product in order for it to become a successful Kickstarter crowdfunded campaign. For further information about this stellar piece of smartphone accessory, please head over to the Kickstarter campaign profile page and read up on it, or perhaps even pledge to receive your own pair of vrAse VR glasses when the campaign is successfully completed.

vrAse Innovative Smartphone VR Glasses Project

vrAse VR Glasses Project

vrAse VR Glasses Project

vrAse VR Glasses Project

vrAse VR Glasses Project

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