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Micro Phone Lens: Ultra Magnifying Lens For Smartphones

Micro Phone Lens: Ultra Magnifying Lens For Smartphones

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Everyone knows the iPhone has had its share of accessories by now. The market is flooded with them, and there are constantly more being released. Recently there is a trend in accessories being universal, meaning they will work on several different brands of smartphones. The Micro Phone Lens is one of those accessories, and it’s most likely going to make mobile photographers very happy since it is a beast of a magnifying lens.

Innovator Thomas Edward Larson was fed up with Americans consistently ranking amongst the bottom of developed nations in terms of science education, which of course spills over into science innovation overall sooner or later. Getting kids inspired and interested in science is important if a country wants to be able to join the immediate revolution within science, and this magnifying lens could come to change all that.

In order to help young kids discover our world in an even more inspiring format, Thomas created the Micro Phone Lens, an accessory magnifying lens, which is more like a super macro lens for smartphones. It’s a beast of a lens, and it has already enabled Whitewater Creek Conservation Association to more thoroughly document the trout parasite by using this quite impressive magnifying lens. This little lens simply gets stuck on top of the smartphone camera lens itself, and it creates a magnification that you have never before seen on a smartphone, that is for sure.

The Micro Phone Lens is currently under further development. In order to secure its refinement and marketing, Thomas is looking to raise $5,000 through crowdfunding over at Kickstarter. The campaign has been a total success, and with over 16 days to go, the campaign has already managed to raise a staggering $18,000 (well over the projected goal).

If you want to be able to look at the world through a different perspective, though a magnifying lens, you can simply pledge to the campaign and receive this extraordinary lens once the campaign is over. I assure you, your mobile photography album will never be the same again. Let’s change our view of the world and see what it’s really made of.

Thomas Larson’s Micro Phone Magnifying Lens Accessory






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