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Smart Lid Alerts Drinkers About The Hotness Of Their Beverages

Smart Lid Alerts Drinkers About The Hotness Of Their Beverages

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Quick question, how many times have you had your coffee served to you so hot that when you took a sip, you instantly burned your lips and mouth? I would guess a few times, right? There have been plenty of attempts to solve this problem, but so far the solutions have been nothing but time consuming and annoying. It seems the problem still haunts the solutions, but with a new innovation from Smart Lid Systems called the Smart Lid, all that scalding could soon be over.

The solution itself is simple, but the research it took to get to it must have been anything but easy. We’re all used to the plastic lids that coffee shops all over the world put on their poured cups of hot beverages, but this smart lid has a little trick up its sleeve. When the beverage is 48°C degrees or above, the lid goes bright red. This indicates that the beverage within the cup could possibly burn you.

Currently there is no way to detect how hot beverages are in coffee shop cups except from feeling the cup with your hands. This Smart Lid is a vital solution to a problem that has been around for too long. The many benefits of the Smart Lid make it look superior to any other lid on the market so far. Not only does it increase awareness about the hotness of the contents in your cup, but it also captivates customers and sets coffee shops that use these lids apart from their competition.

The ideal temperature for hot coffee is 87°C / 190°F, which way beyond the temperature where hot beverages can be harmful to full thickness skin, which begins at 48°C. The Smart lid is a genius and simple solution that is most likely going to become a common sight on coffee cups all around the world soon. No more cursing because you didn’t pay enough attention to the hotness of the beverage in your cup. The Smart Lid is just what it’s made out to be, it’s a Smart Lid.

Smart Lid Alerts Drinkers About The Hotness Of Beverages

Smart Lid Heat Detector

Smart Lid Heat Detector

Smart Lid Heat Detector

Smart Lid Heat Detector

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