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Smart Cycling Helmet With Wireless Capability Monitors Heart Rate

Smart Cycling Helmet With Wireless Capability Monitors Heart Rate

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Technology seems to be embedded into everything these days, and now with the introduction of this helmet, that even includes what we put on our heads when we ride our bikes. This is the world’s first smart cycling helmet, and it’s really quite extraordinary. I first noticed it on indiegogo. Their campaign is over now, and they raised well over the $50,000 that they needed. It has wireless capabilities, and it closely monitors you while you are cycling.

The feature that people seem to be most excited about is that it allows you to monitor your heart rate without requiring one of those annoying chest straps that move and get uncomfortable while we’re cycling. This smart cycling helmet can wirelessly track your heart rate accurately in real time. It does this by using an algorithm inside a microprocessor, which is incorporated into the helmet. The information that is gathered is then presented to you on your smartphone, sports watch, cycling computer, etc. via Bluetooth or ANT+.

This smart cycling helmet is designed for extreme environments, so even the most hardcore, high performance athletes will find it useful and convenient. The battery inside the helmet will last for 15 continuous hours before needing to be recharged. The company that makes this smart cycling helmet has created similar helmets for fighter pilots and astronauts, but now they are bringing this technology to cyclists around the world.

If you are used to wearing a chest strap to monitor your heart rate while cycling, this will most likely come as a welcomed alternative. This helmet uses a sophisticated electro-optical technology to measure your heart rate by touching your forehead. It monitors your blood pulse in a high frequency. It will send the results to your Android, iPhone or Windows smartphone. These helmets are in the process of being made right now. If you’d like to be notified when they are ready for purchase, you can click over to the LifeBeam website to be added to the waiting list.

The World’s First Smart Cycling Helmet






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