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Smart BBQ Device & App Will Transform You Into A Grilling Master

Smart BBQ Device & App Will Transform You Into A Grilling Master

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

‘Tis the season of grilling, and people everywhere are sharpening their grilling skills for summertime BBQs and weekend parties. I like my steak rare, and I know how hard it can be to grill a rare steak. It’s a tricky endeavor. How would you like to be the master of your domain and always cook everything perfectly, even while socializing with your friends? In order to become a grilling master, you just need this device and app, which will allow you and your grill to work together as a real team.

It’s called the BBiQ, and as you see in the pictures, it consists of a probe that gets inserted into the meat. That probe tracks the meat’s temperature and sends the information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app is very specific, and once you let it know what kind of meat you are cooking, it will be on the job to monitor everything for you, and let you take all the credit and the title of grilling master.

You can walk up to 50 feet (15 meters) away from the grill, and it will still be able to get in touch with you. Once you get a notification that it’s time to flip the burgers, you just casually walk back over to the grill and flip them. It will also let you know when the meat is done, and when it’s time to season it. You’ll be able to cook everyone’s meat to perfection. This device also works with certain recipes, so it’s more sophisticated than just a meat thermometer.

The BBiQ was created by Michael Raymond and Patrick Smith. They are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to make it all a reality. For a pledge of $39, you can get your own BBiQ system, and become the ultimate grilling master you were meant to be. Well, that is if the campaign is funded. You can read more about it on Kickstarter at A Brain For Your Barbecue.

Now You Can Finally Become The Ultimate Grilling Master

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Via: [Discovery News] [gizmag]

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