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SEL Announces World’s Largest Curved OLED Display

SEL Announces World’s Largest Curved OLED Display

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We all know the world is eager to implement curved displays and flexible devices into our everyday endeavors. Some of you might wonder just why these curved screens are so important and what they can really do to optimize our lives. Believe me, I have wondered and researched the same thing. With SEL currently in the lead and recently announcing what could be the world’s largest curved OLED, it turns out that there are many more uses for the curved screen than an ordinary one.

When you see what SEL has in store for their customers, you will suddenly forget all about Samsung and whoever is trying to impress us with their curved technology. SEL’s curved OLED, in which crystals are aligned in the c-axis direction, and the material in itself is crystalline instead of amorphous, it makes the curved OLED screen way more durable than all other curved display materials.

This means that it can be used in flexible display wristbands and other freely designed devices without breaking. A durability test showed that SEL’s curved display technology can be bent more than 10,000 times before breaking. This is something that is pretty much impossible with other curved OLED materials.

Not only has SEL developed a super flexible 3.4 inch display which can be used in freely designed devices, but they have also managed to create what could probably be the world’s largest curved OLED display. It measures 13.5 inches and delivers a resolution of 4K at 326 PPI, which is the new impressive video format that is currently taking the world by storm.

This slightly insane development in the curved OLED technology field is not only based on performance but also based on the sheer weight of the device. Due to the thinness of the material the 13.5 inch display only weighs in at 10 grams. This is great news for the future as flexible devices will start innovating and optimizing our everyday endeavors. Check out the video demonstration of SEL’s slightly incredible curved OLED technology below.

SEL’s Incredible Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

SEL Curved OLED Technology

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