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Building Facade Becomes Huge Retro Arcade Gaming Screen In Brazil

Building Facade Becomes Huge Retro Arcade Gaming Screen In Brazil

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When you look at the games released today, you can’t help but marvel over the technology that makes it all possible. The complexity of some of the engines driving today’s games is utterly insane. We have come a long way from the humble beginnings of video games back in the day. The retro arcade games that were housed in huge halls for gaming kids to eagerly pop their quarters in are almost gone, but the memory of their awesomeness is still very much alive and thriving in our minds.

I must admit that when I think about the good old days when games were simple and straightforward, I get a little bit nostalgic and sad – not because the games themselves are no longer around, but because the retro arcade gaming genre is no longer supported. I am sure when the kids of today get a little older, they too will remember and look back at games like Minecraft, Modern Warfare and so forth, with the same kind of gaming sentiments as we have today. Gaming will simply keep evolving to higher levels of complexity, while our brains will remain glued to the simplicity of yesterday’s retro arcade gameplay.

In Brazil though, people wanted to create an homage to some of the retro arcade gaming experiences in a way that most of us could only dream about. A group of ultra-retro digital artists took their memories and plastered them on the facade of a building in Sao Paulo. Well, actually they made retro arcade gaming available in a format previously not available. If you have ever wanted to play those games on a building facade, this is going to blow your mind.

They allowed people on the street to play games like Tetris, Pac-Man and a special edition of Space Invaders, using an iPad, on the 30,000 square foot windowed facade with an extreme color extravaganza. The downside of watching this video will be that you will never again be able to get excited about your own screen at home since this retro gaming building facade offers complete immersion. That it something I am sure you won’t get at home on that 24 inch widescreen of yours, right?

Sao Paulo In Brazil – Retro Arcade Gaming Building Facade





Via: [EuroNews]

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