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Levitating Table Impressively Uses Magnets To Float In Mid Air

Levitating Table Impressively Uses Magnets To Float In Mid Air

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

A lot of countries are currently working on developing their own infrastructures of Maglev trains. Japan has had them for forever it seems, and more and more countries want their own high speed train systems. Even though Maglev trains are still considered almost science fiction, they do exist and have proven to increase safety and the speed it takes to get from A to B. But magnets can be used for more things than just that, and this levitating table is a great example.

The idea was developed and realized by a company by the name of Rock Paper Robot. It is probably one of the coolest, if not the most science fiction based, tables you could ever get your hands on. When you first see it, it’s hard to believe it is actually real. If you think there has to be some kind of trickery or illusion going on, you’re absolutely right, there is.

Even though the levitating table uses insanely powerful magnets, it still uses a system of tensile steel cables to keep the repelling magnets in position as they relate to each other. Without this intricate system of exactly measured and implemented tensile steel cables, the table would fall apart as soon as you cut the cables. I am sure most of you guys have tried to put together a couple of repelling magnets at least once in your life, and it’s is literally impossible.

I am sure you are able to purchase this incredibly impressive and cool levitating table, but I have been unsuccessful at tracking down a price for it. It seems you can custom make it into whatever size you want in order to fit the room you want to put it in. I would be careful about using it as a dining table though since you would probably have a hard time keeping your food on this table. If you want to step up the science fiction level in your home, this levitating table is exactly what you need. If you’re interested in one of these, I strongly suggest you hit up the awesome people over at Rock Paper Robot so they can help you get one that fits your needs.

Rock Paper Robot’s Levitating Table






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