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Refurbished iPhones With Special Apps Designed To Help Senior Citizens

Refurbished iPhones With Special Apps Designed To Help Senior Citizens

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Earlier today, Richard wrote about a GPS cane that was designed to assist senior citizens by helping them get around in unfamiliar places. It has tons of features packed into what looks like a walking cane, and it even transmits information to doctors when necessary. I thought I’d share with you another way that technology is helping the older generation by giving them easier ways to grow older with peace of mind. These are refurbished iPhones designed specifically for senior citizens.

Many senior citizens have embraced technology and all it has to offer, but there are still many people in the older generation who are confused and bewildered by modern day smartphones. These refurbished iPhones were created to change that.

Silverline spent the past 18 months developing five apps that they believe will enhance the lives of senior citizens everywhere. By housing them all in refurbished iPhones, they can offer an all-in-one simple solution at a reduced price.

The five apps they’ve developed are –

1. Connect (visual contact list)
2. Discover (geo-tagged photo sharing)
3. Well Being (health reminders like when to take medicine or exercise)
4. Inspire (delivers happy feel-good news and stories)
5. Emergency (shortcuts for getting emergency help)

Silverline is currently offering these refurbished iPhones to seniors, but they’d like to take this concept even further and develop a whole new suite of senior citizen-friendly apps. They are currently seeking funding at Indiegogo. Their goal is to raise $50,000. At the time I’m writing this, they have 45 hours left to go, and they have raised $48,713. With less than $2,000 to go, I’m sure they will reach their goal. What another great example of how technology can enhance the lives of senior citizens and bring them a feeling of security and happiness as they grow older.

Refurbished iPhones With Apps Designed To Help Senior Citizens








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