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Hacked Ray-Ban Solar Panel Sunglasses Keeps Your Smartphone Alive

Hacked Ray-Ban Solar Panel Sunglasses Keeps Your Smartphone Alive

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

It’s simple, and it makes more sense than most battery packs out there. Yes, I am talking about a pair of working Ray-Ban solar panel sunglasses, but they are not produced by Ray-Ban. They are actually a project developed by designers Sayalee Kaluskar and Ramiro Ramirez who were both probably tired of hauling around a backpack of battery packs, top-uppers and what not for their smartphones. This solution seemed better, and it really truly is.

The solar panel is rapidly becoming one of the most reliable and environmentally friendly energy sources available. It has been used in many outdoor chargers already and keeps being refined and re-innovated. But there is one thing that I personally have never understood, why do I need to haul around a big battery pack to top up my smartphone when it’s usually as big, (if not bigger), than my smartphone charger is? I can just haul that bad boy around cause there are a million available power outlets no matter where you go.

Well, Sayalee obviously somewhat thought the same and decided to once and for all solve the problem. The solution lies in the Ray-Ban solar power sunglasses, dubbed Shama Shades, which you can see at the bottom of this article. By incorporating solar panels on the frames, you will be able to collect energy while you are out, which you of course are, or you wouldn’t need your smartphone, right? Because who sits at home messing with their smartphone when they could be using a stationary computer instead, hmm.

These concept solar panel sunglasses can actually be disassembled and be connected to your smartphone to power it up. Yeah, it is that ingenious! The sad part is of course that they are currently just a prototype. But with the right amount of interest, I am sure these glasses can become quite a viral success depending on the power that you can really squeeze out of them at the end of the day. So do we want a pair of hacked Ray-Bans? Heck yeah!

Sayalee & Ramiro’s Hacked Ray-Ban Solar Panel Sunglasses

Hacked Solar Panel Sunglasses

Hacked Solar Panel Sunglasses

Hacked Solar Panel Sunglasses

Hacked Solar Panel Sunglasses 

Via: [psfk]

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