Raspberry Pi: World’s Cheapest Computer Now Available [Video]

A year ago I wrote an article about the groundbreaking Raspberry Pi computer. It is the world’s cheapest computer and probably one of the smallest too. For just around $25, this thing runs the Linux operating system with ease. The storage space is a flash card, and it has all the necessary ports in order to connect your gadgets and bring up the desktop view on either your monitor or your TV. It’s a nifty little thing that everyone thought was going to become big business when it was finally developed. Yeah, that was the thing, when I wrote that original article, it wasn’t finished being created yet. A few of the features were just ideas, and the developers were manically trying to figure them out. Well, it seems they have finally managed to crack it since this little wonder of technology is now available for purchase.

Few people knew at all what it could do and how it worked, and that has kept the media buzzing with different stories throughout the year. But now there is more to reveal, and we have got the coverage for you. The build is as small as it was intended to be, it is even more powerful than previously imagined, and it costs… well yes, around $25 (shipping not included). The demo video of this new technology is quite mind boggling, and it will make you start wondering if there isn’t another computer hiding in the background that is running what is presented on the screen. However, that is not the case, and the more I look at this video, the more I want one.

The bummer is that if you really want one, you will have to wait for quite a while since the waiting line is incredibly long. This little thing was initially aimed for third world countries and their schools since this product is both cheap and powerful enough to be able to be supported by their stumbling economy. But it seems the world wants a look at it too, and it will probably take quite a while for you to get your hands on one. Personally, I can’t wait to see what this little puppy can do. It’s a marvel of technology, and I am sure we’ll be able to find a ton of cool little nifty uses for it.

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Raspberry Pi Computer LEGO Case By 12-Year Old Biz





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    Lee Silber 6 years

    Please tell me where I can buy the Rasberry computer for $25,and can I put say 10,000 channels on it from all over the world like a reguler pc?

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