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Pi-To-Go: World’s First Ultra Small Raspberry Pi Laptop Tutorial

Pi-To-Go: World’s First Ultra Small Raspberry Pi Laptop Tutorial

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

You might wonder where all the hype about the Raspberry Pi went, right? It just so happens that the community is still very vibrant and innovative. More and more tiny gadgets use the Raspberry Pi in order to drive their core functions. The coolest thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it is an extremely powerful little personal computer for being so darn small. That was its selling point when it was first introduced. That, and of course it’s ridiculously cheap price tag. But what exactly has happened since the release of this often times mind boggling piece of technology? A ton actually! Latest in a row of innovative thinking is the Raspberry Pi laptop. It’s probably one of the world’s smallest fully compatible personal computer laptops in existence.

You might ask, “a Raspberry Pi laptop?” Yes, there actually is one. It was assembled by Nathan Morgan, whose skills when it comes to assembling cool stuff seems to exceed normal innovation. Not only has Nathan been able to pull together a Raspberry Pi laptop, but he is also supplying the DIY instructions and shopping list for the necessary parts as well. How’s that for a cool kid?

Today you can purchase a Raspberry Pi for around $35.00, but there are a lot more parts that go into this sick little mini Pi laptop. As a matter of fact, before you are done shopping for parts, you will have to shed about $390.00 from your precious wallet. But what you should remember is that once it is assembled, you will have one of the illest Pi laptops available. When someone puts something like this together, I am always in awe. I mean, in all humbleness, I do know how to code, but when it comes to hardware and the building of cool gadgets like this, I am ultimately a noob. You can’t help but to be mesmerized by the level of awesomeness this assembled Raspberry Pi laptop oozes.

Nathan Morgan’s Raspberry Pi Laptop

(Click To Enlarge)






Via: [Parts People]

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