Raspberry Pi Gets An Affordable 9″ High Definition Accessory Screen

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The Raspberry Pi community just keeps growing and growing. This little pocket computer has taken the world by storm and the accessories for it just keep coming. There is, however, one thing that the Raspberry Pi is missing and that is an affordable screen. It doesn’t really matter if it is a touchscreen or not, they are all expensive if you want to add one. Soon that could be but a memory as we’ll soon see an affordable 9 inch high definition screen being rolled out.

The incredible innovation comes from a series of collaborations. However, mainly from the RaspPi.TV team. They were tired of the expensive Raspberry Pi accessories so they setup a goal, to make an affordable 9 inch screen for all Raspberry Pi users to enjoy. Not only that, but they also wanted it to be able to compete with the screens of most tablets. That meant they would have to make a high definition screen affordable enough to make sense to the Raspberry Pi community. Not the easiest of tasks.

There are several 9 inch high definition screens available if you are looking for one, but they will all cost you an arm and a leg. It basically boils down to the fact that the boards which drive the screens have all kinds of features incorporated into them that are not really necessary. The team behind this new 9 inch high definition screen explains it all in the video below. Basically, what you have to do to make it more affordable is to take off all unnecessary components and make a more lightweight board which will still drive the high definition screen, however, lacks some of the fancy schmancy stuff.

It is a process that is not really a technical obstacle per say. No, in order to make this new 9 inch Raspberry Pi high definition screen affordable, the team behind it needs to order at least 1,000 of them. That is why they have turned to Kickstarter. They are looking to connect with the Raspberry Pi community and possibly interest them in pre-ordering a high definition screen by pledging. This way when the company has reached the amount necessary to order the 1,000 screens the project will be a success. The screen already exists but as said, not until they can order 1,000 of them will it become affordable.

If you are a Raspberry Pi enthusiast and are looking for a great screen to be powered by your Raspberry Pi, then you should hurry over to their Kickstarter page and pledge. They are looking to raise £55,000 but have already managed to raise north of £76,000. This means that with over 26 days still to go the campaign is already a success. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get yourself a high definition screen for your Raspberry Pi for cheap. This is probably the cheapest screen you can find that is of the highest quality.

RasPi.TV’s 9 Inch High Definition Raspberry Pi Screen

Raspberry Pi High Definition

Raspberry Pi High Definition

Raspberry Pi High Definition

Raspberry Pi High Definition

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