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Qii: The Mobile Rollable & Foldable Keyboard

Qii: The Mobile Rollable & Foldable Keyboard

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve wished that I had a physical keyboard with me when I am out and about. The small touchscreen keyboard on my iPhone is too small to even make sense of when doing any kind of advanced work. Sure, there are a bunch of bluetooth keyboards, but they are usually more than bulky, and I wouldn’t call them mobile at all. So does that mean I have to carry a huge backpack with me in order to carry my keyboard and other gear? How is that even remotely mobile? No, we need something that is more streamlined for mobility altogether. We need something that will actually be useful when we want to be completely mobile – a foldable keyboard perhaps.

There are not many mobile foldable keyboards on the market, and certainly not cheap ones. There are some people out there who have been tinkering with this idea for quite some time and come up with a brilliant solution. Instead of just creating a foldable keyboard, these people have created a rollable and foldable keyboard all in one. How’s that for ingenuity?

This foldable keyboard is called Qii and is conceptualized and developed by David Brown, Ilkka Varjos, Bjorn Fridur. It reminds me of something taken straight out of a science fiction movie, and it is probably one of the most mobile keyboards you could imagine. All you have to do is roll it up, put it in your bag and you’re set to go mobile. It connects wirelessly to your device and is, in theory, unbreakable. The team behind this invention is currently looking for funding through IndieGoGo, and they are hoping to raise $1.8 million. Yeah, that’s a lot of money, but the keyboard is insanely cool and useful. By just pledging $120.00, you will get your very own black Qii rollable and foldable keyboard when the funding is complete. Hurry up though, if the project hasn’t hit $1.8 million in 28 days you will have to wait for them to fund it some other way in order to get one.

Qii – Mobile Rollable & Foldable Keyboard






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